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The Network of Registered Phlebotomists (NORP) began as as many of our Students and Experienced Phlebotomists expressed they would like to receive ongoing support with their Phlebotomy career and recognition as a Registered Phlebotomist.

Being a Member evidences your achievements of successfully completing an accredited course and competence to maintain high standards of care and professionalism within the Phlebotomy industry.

We carried out some research into this and decided to develop The Network of Registered Phlebotomists (NORP) so that people trained in Phlebotomy can become registered members to promote to prospective employers and clients their dedication and commitment to working to a code of ethics ensuring high standards of care and safe practices are maintained when providing Phlebotomy services.

We want all Phlebotomists to be part of our growing network whether you are a Student or a Qualified Phlebotomist we have many benefits for our members available and we want all Registered Members to work towards our code of ethics to ensure they uphold and promote high standards of care and safe practices within the Phlebotomy industry.

Membership StARTS FROM £15 PER Year

Are you a Student or Qualified Phlebotmoist?

Be part of our Network of Registered Phlebotomists

Membership STARTS FROM £15 A year and includes the following benefits for all members:

· You will be part of the Members Register (Prospective Employers and Clients can search your membership ID to ensure you are a Registered Member that works to a code of ethics.
· Exclusive use of our Registered Members logo on your stationary, materials and email signatures.
· Access to our Members Jobs Board.
· Advertise your services.
· Exclusive Discounts on all Online and Classroom Training for CPD through our Partners.
· Bespoke Phlebotomy Insurance for our Members.
· Exclusive Access to our future Members Group.
· Access to our support team who can provide you with any advice, guidance with your career and professional development.

For all enquires, please email hello@norp.co.uk