Registered Phlebotomists Code of Ethics

As a Member of the Network of Registered Phlebotomists you: 
1.      Shall not discriminate against any person.
2.      Adhere to confidentiality and client’s personal information.
3.      Conduct yourself in a personal and professional manner that does not compromise your professional duties.
4.      Ensure you have the relevant qualifications, accredited training, and competency to support client’s and to perform Phlebotomy in line with up to date and best practice guidance within your scope of practice.
5.      Ensure you treat all clients with compassion, respect, and dignity.
6.      Promote, advocate for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the client.
7.      Be accountable, responsible for your actions, decisions, and omissions.
8.      Work to the principles of Honest, Open and Transparency.
9.      Ensure you promote health and safety, infection prevention and control, preserve your character and integrity, maintain competence, maintain high standards of care and your CPD.
10.   Ensure you comply with your workplace policy and work within your own limitations.
11.   Support other health professionals and the public to protect and promote human rights.
12.   Ensure you gain consent from all clients before performing Phlebotomy.
13.   Comply with the law, standards, best practice guidelines in the country you are practicing in.
14.   Ensure you have appropriate indemnity insurance in place
15.   Support and uphold the reputation of the Network of Registered Phlebotomists.